​​​​​​At Gateway Immigration, our goal is to provide you with professional service that will allow you move ahead quickly with your green card application.​ We focus exclusively on immigration-related medical exams and services, and we pride ourselves on being the most convenient option for completing USCIS Form I-693. ​​

We Are Compliant with the Latest Tuberculosis Testing Requirement

​​​​Vaccinations and blood draws provided on-site 

Standard one week or quicker turnaround time

Friendly and easily reachable client support team

Exact pricing for services provided ahead of time​​


​​​South Florida's Top Civil Surgeon Network

Starting October 1st, 2018, USCIS officers will reject any immigration medical exam that uses a Mantoux skin test instead of a Interferon gamma blood test.


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1000+ Forms I-693 completed and accepted by USCIS in the last year 

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