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​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will health insurance pay for my medical exam?

A: Health insurance does not cover the cost of an immigration medical exam; however, it will likely cover the cost of any vaccinations that you require as part of your exam. If you have health insurance, please let us know when booking your appointment so that we can guide you to a local pharmacy that can take care of your vaccination needs. 

Q: Different civil surgeons charge different prices for the same exam. Why?!

A: The USCIS allows each civil surgeon to determine the price that they feel is appropriate for their services. That said, some offices quote you the price for only one portion of the exam, making it seem like a cheaper option initially. Make sure that you understand  the cost of all required services including lab work, vaccinations and the medical evaluation.

Q: How long is my Form I-693 valid for? Will I have to repeat my medical exam?

A: If you have not already submitted your adjustment of status application (Form I-485), you have sixty days from the date the civil surgeon signed your medical examination report (Form I-693) to submit the latter to USCIS. If Form I-693 is received within this time frame (or if you  submitted Form I-485 prior to completing Form I-693), it is considered valid for two years from the date the civil surgeon signed it. Processing time for adjustment of status applications is currently estimated to be as short as 11.5 months or as long as 40 months, depending on your immigration category and the field office that your case is assigned to.  As a result, some applicants who submit  Form I-693 with their adjustment of status application may need to repeat their medical exam at a later time. We recommend consulting an immigration attorney to help you decide on the right time for submitting Form I-693.

Q: Can I receive required vaccinations prior to my exam with the civil surgeon?

A: Your primary care physician and a number of pharmacies can provide you with these vaccinations ahead of time. However, we ask that you do not receive any live vaccines (i.e. MMR and Varicella) within one month of your appointment as they can affect the results of your tuberculosis screening.​​

Q: Do you provide translation in the office?  

A: Although many of our employees are multilingual, we ask that you bring in a friend or family member who can translate for you if you do not feel comfortable communicating in English.​​